The Pussywillows to record at The Groove Studio in February

The PussywillowsFor those of you fortunate enough to have caught The Pussywillows at Steve’s Live Music in Sandy Springs last Friday night, you know just how dynamic and soulful these two are together. They were tight, well-rehearsed and very sonically pleasing. Hannah Zale and Carly Gibson are The Pussywillows and they’ll be in The Groove Studio mid-February to record ‘If I Decide’.  Ahh, the fun we’ll have.

1959 Gibson ES 330 visits The Groove Studio

Gibson ES-330 1959The Groove Studio is excited about having this unique and wonderful instrument on loan from one of our current guitar students. The Gibson ES-330 is a thinline hollow-body electric guitar. Though similar in appearance to the popular Gibson ES-335 guitar, the ES-330 is a fairly different guitar in construction and sound.  While in the studio, the ES 330 will be used to lay down the solo tracks on ‘Rudy’ by The New Napoleons guitarist, Andrew O’Hare.