History of Recitals

Nov 5, 2017

Darwin’s Burgers and Blues
Sandy Springs, GA 30306

Ethan Long – “Breezin”, George Benson
Grace Funston – “Yer So Bad”, Tom Petty
Sloan Baker – “Younger Now”, Miley Cyrus
Leslie Albizzatti – “Nightingale”, Norah Jones
Larry Weiss – “Friend of the Devil”, Grateful Dead
Scott Batchelor – “Rodeo Clowns”, Jack Johnson
Ben Brown – “Simple Man”, Lynyrd Skynyrd
Trace Segell – “Talking Out Loud”, Ed Sheeran
Groovy Babies – “And Your Bird Can Sing”, Beatles
Caroline Hoffman – “Tear Drops on My Guitar”, Taylor Swift
Greg Block – “Miss You”, Greg Block
Mindy Shafer – “Love Song”, Adele
Doug Harnack – “Oh Yea” (revisited), Johnny A
Bobbi Sloan – “Macy’s Day Parade”, Green Day
Lucas Kopelman – “Holiday”, Green Day
Grant Hollosi – “I Know A Little”, Lynyrd Skynyrd
Mason Riley – “1979” Smashing Pumpkins
Emi Lutz – “What Do I Know?”, Ed Sheeran
Alexandra Bloodworth – “Here Comes My Girl”, Tom Petty
Luke Stone – “In Memory of Elizabeth Reed”, Allman Brothers
Mike Koriwchak – “Running Down A Dream”, Tom Petty
Parker Hollosi – “Smells Like Teen Spirit”, Nirvana

Special thanks to
Shawn Thacker– drums, Doug Harnack – bass, Jake sound

Feb 12, 2017

Red Light Cafe
Atlanta, GA 30328

Sloan Baker – “Starving”, Hailee Steinfeld
Maddie Turner – “Overkill”, Men At Work
Mason Riley – “Snow”, Mason Riley
Alexandra Bloodworth – “Every Morning”, Sugar Ray
Bobbi Sloan – “The Only Exception”, Paramore
Grace Funston – “Breakdown”, Jack Johnson
Luke Stone – “Needle and The Spoon”, Lynyrd Skynyrd
Mike Koriwchak
Emmaline Elsbree (bass) – “Sharp Dressed Man”, ZZ Top
Madeleine Rojas – “Ramble On”, Led Zeppelin
Emi Lutz – “And I Love Her”, The Beatles
Trace Segell – “History”, One Direction
Felicita Pineda -“Traveler”, Felicita Pineda
Ethan Long – “Pick Up the Pieces”, Jeff Golub
Grant Hollosi – “Long Distance Runaround”, Yes
Doug Harnack – “A Groove”, Steve Wariner
Maddie Turner – “Life In The Fast Lane”, Eagles

Special thanks to
Shawn Thacker – drums

May 22, 2016

Steve’s Live Music
Sandy Springs, GA 30328

Amy Bloodworth – “Wild Night”, Van Morrison
Grace Funston – “Friend of the Devil”, The Grateful Dead
Madeleine Rojas – “Eyelashes”, Tori Kelly
Trace Segell – “Beauty and the Beat”, Justin Bieber
Bob Lenzer – “The Wind”, Cat Stevens
Larry Weiss – “Hey Hey”, Eric Clapton
Shepherd Bridges – “Across the Universe”, The Beatles
Maddie Turner – “From the Beginning”, Emerson, Lake & Palmer
Grant Hollosi – “Radar Love”, Golden Earring
Alexandra Bloodworth – “Name”, Goo Goo Dolls
Olivia Shutley – “Begin Again”, Taylor Swift
Mindy Shafer – “Shoot the Moon”, Norah Jones
Avery Gibson – “Colder Weather”, Zac Brown
Reid Funston – “Month of War”, Pantera
Claire Simmel – “Tighten Up”, The Black Keys
Mike Koriwchak – “Josie”, Steely Dan
Luke Stone – “Cinnamon Girl”, Neil Young
Doug Harnack – “Oh Yeah”, Johnny A
Sydney Liberman – “These Stones Will Shout”, The Raconteurs

Special thanks to
Shawn Thacker – drums, Krissie Rector – vocals, Steve’s Live Music

Nov 8, 2015

Steve’s Live Music
Sandy Springs, GA 30328

Mindy Shafer – “Poor, Poor Pitiful Me”, Linda Ronstadt
Grace Funston – “Over the Hills and Far Away”, Led Zeppelin
Sydney Liberman – “Laundry Room”, The Avett Brothers
Larry Weiss – “Helplessly Hoping”, Crosby, Still and Nash
Alexandra Bloodworth – “Pinball Wizard”, The Who
Grant Hollosi – “All Right Now”, Free
Billy Balser – “Samba Pa Ti’”, Carlos Santana
Maddie Turner – “Ramblin Man”, Allman Brothers
Leslie Albizatti – “Little Martha”, Allman Brothers
Sloan Baker – “White Horse”, Taylor Swift
Reid Funston – “Soul Sacrifice”, Carlos Santana
Mike Koriwchak – “You Shook Me All Night Long”, AC/DC
Jack Barton – “While My Guitar Gently Weeps”, The Beatles
Doug Harnack – Medley
Andrew O’Hare – “Little Wing”, Jimi Hendrix

Special thanks to
Shawn Thacker – drums, Steve’s Live Music

Feb 22, 2015

Steve’s Live Music
Sandy Springs, GA 30328

Grace Funston – “Dueling Banjos”, Arthur Smith
Max Gunthert – “Californication”, Red Hot Chili Peppers
Mindy Shafer – “I’m Looking Through You”, The Beatles
Leslie Albizzatti – “Ventura Highway”, America
Billy Balser – “Europa”, Carlos Santana
Hill Belfi – “Why Georgia”, John Mayer
Krissy Rector – “Angel from Montgomery”, John Prine
Carol Elizabeth Kerman – “Better Together”, Jack Johnson
Grant Hollosi – “Wipeout”, The Ventures
Mike Koriwchak – “Lay Down Sally”, Eric Clapton
Hannah Zale – “Fortune and Fame”, Hannah Zale
Audrey Holton – “Teardrops on My Guitar”, Taylor Swift
Olivia Gunthert – “83”, John Mayer
Andrew O’Hare – “Rudy”, The New Napoleons
Maddie Turner – “Free Fallin’”, Tom Petty
Mary Margaret Cozart – “I’d Rather Be”, Mary Margaret Cozart
Sydney Liberman – “She Talks to Angels”, The Black Crows
Ried Funston – “Snowblind”, Black Sabbath
Larry Weiss – “Me and Julio Down by the School Yard”, Paul Simon
Claire Simmel – “Satellite”, Guster
Piper Gibson – “One and Only”, Piper Gibson
Doug Harnack – “Don’t Take Me Alive”, Steely Dan

Special thanks to
Bob Schneider– drums, Steve’s Live Music

June 1, 2014

Steve’s Live Music
Sandy Springs, GA 30328

Hill Belfi – “Amen”, Edens Edge
Reed Funston – “Stairway To Heaven”, Led Zeppelin
Larry Weiss – “Pencil Thinn Mustache”, Jimmy Buffett
Olivia Gunthert – “Without A Dream”, Olivia Gunthert
Bob Lenzer – “This Shirt”, Mary Chapin Carpenter
Anna Griffith – Music Theory Expose, Anna & Eric
Hanna Zale – “23”, Hannah Zale
Ben Rigg – “All Along the Watch Tower”, Jimi Hendrix
Josh Wood – “Don’t Want You No More”, Allman Brothers
Grant Hollosi – “Secret Agent Man”, Johnny Rivers
Grace Alibizzatti – “Diamonds”, Grace Albizzatti
Sydney Liberman – “Everlong”, Foo Fighters
Mindy Shafer – “Lonestar”, Nora Jones
Grace Funston – “Bruises”, Train
Piper Gibson – “Fairy Tale”, Sara Bareilles
Leslie Albizzatti – “Closer To Fine”, Indigo Girls
Mike Koriwchak – “Amie”, Pure Prairie League
Max Gunthert – “The Ocean”, Led Zeppelin
Doug Harnack – “Sultans of Swing”, Dire Straits
Patrick Hayes – “Lyrical Potion”, Patrick Hayes

Special thanks to
Shawn Thacker– drums, Paul Lombardi – sound, Steve’s Live Music

Oct 1, 2013

Actor’s Express Theater
King Plow – 887 W. Marietta St., Atlanta, GA 30318

Grant Hollosi – “Johnny B. Goode”, Chuck Berry
Piper Gibson – “Blue Bayou”, Linda Ronstadt
Leslie Albizzatti – “I Walk the Line”, Johnny Cash
Sydney Liberman – “As Tall as Cliffs”, Margo & the Nuclear So&So’s
Hill Belfi – “Love Don’t Live Here”, Lady Antebellum
Ben Rigg – “Hotel California”, The Eagles
Amelia Holley – “No One To Save Me”, Amelia Holley
Grace Funston – “I’m Yours”, Jason Mraz
Anna Griffith – “Hello October”, Anna Griffith
Mike Koriwchak – “Fair Game”, Crosby Stills Nash
Doug Harnack – “Blue Sky”, Allman Brothers
Patrick Hayes – “Groove Like a Giraffe”, Patrick Hayes
Olivia Gunthert – “Star and Moon”, Olivia Gunthert
Grace Albizzatti – “Set Me Free”, Grace Albizzatti
Maddie Turner – “Step Off”, Kacey Musgraves
Billy Balser – “Jessica”, Allman Brothers

Special thanks to
Bob Schneider– drums, Jake Eliot – sound

Oct 2, 2012

Actor’s Express Theater
King Plow – 887 W. Marietta St., Atlanta, GA 30318

Megan Holley – “Here comes the Sun”, Beatles
Libby Herndon – “A Hard Day’s Night”, Beatles
Spencer Ponsell – “Mother’s Little Helper”, Stones
Anna Griffith – “Fool on the Hill”, Beatles
Anna Shutley – “Help”, Beatles
Doug Harnack – “You Got the Silver”, Stones
Olivia Gunthert – “If I Fell”, Beatles
Pearce Seabrook – “With a Little Help from My Friends”, Beatles
Amelia Holley – “Honkey Tonk Woman”, Stones
John Davidson – “Norwegian Wood”, Beatles
Hill Belfi – “Let It Bleed”, Stones
Annie Battle – “Blackbird”, Beatles
Ben Rigg – “I Want You”, Beatles
Gerard Gunthert – “Tumblin Dice”, Stones
Billy Balser – “All Down the Line”, Stones

Special thanks to
Bob Schneider– drums, Jake Eliot – sound

Oct 1, 2012

Actor’s Express Theater
King Plow – 887 W. Marietta St., Atlanta, GA 30318

Grant Hollosi – “Ticket to Ride”, Beatles
Richard Gluck – “Last Time”, Stones
Leslie Albizzatti – “Yesterday”, Beatles
John Davidson – “Norwegian Wood”, Beatles
Anna Griffith – “Fool on the Hill”, Beatles
Carisa Urrea – “Wild Horses”, Stones
Doug Harnack – “You Got the Silver”, Stones
The Outtakes – “Bungalow Bill”, Beatles
The Chantanas – “Satisfaction”, Stones
Grace Albizzatti – “Eight Days a Week”, Beatles
Jake Steel – “Beast of Burden”, Stones
Billy Balser – “All Down the Line”, Stones

Special thanks to
Bob Schneider – drums
Jake Eliot – sound

Feb 7, 2012

Actor’s Express Theater
King Plow – 887 W. Marietta St., Atlanta, GA 30318

Jamison Collins – “Our Song”, Taylor Swift
Mike Koriwchak – “Man on the Moon”, R.E.M.
Caroline & Anna Shutley – “Brown Eyed Girl”, Van Morrison
Olivia Gunthert – “Come on Get Higher”, Matt Nathanson
Judd Felix – “Smooth”, Carlos Santana
Grant Hollosi – “Never Going Back”, Fleetwood Mac
Ivey Redding – “Jar of Hearts”, Christina Perri
Nick Collins – “Wish You Were Here”, Pink Floyd
Spencer Ponsell – “Never Say Never”, Justin Bieber
John Davidson – “Street Fighting Man”, Rolling Stones
Libby Herndon – “You Belong With Me”, Taylor Swift
Margaret Koriwchak – “Landslide”, Stevie Nicks
Annie Battle – “In My Dreams”, Annie Battle
Ben Rigg – “Panama”, Ben Rigg
Gerard Gunthert – “Can’t You Hear Me Knocking”, Rolling Stones

Special thanks to
Bob Schneider– drums, Doug Harnack – bass,
Forrest Greenway – saxophone, Amelia & Megan Holley – vocals

Feb 6, 2012

Actor’s Express Theater
King Plow – 887 W. Marietta St., Atlanta, GA 30318

Carisa Urrea – “The Cave”, Mumford & Sons
Grace Albizzatti – “Love Story”, Taylor Swift
Richard Gluck – “Green Eyes”, Cold Play
The Chantanas – “One Headlight”, The Wallflowers
Margot Fumo – “Money for Nothing”, Dire Straits
Greg & Carol Anne Block – “9 Crimes”, Damien Rice
Billy Balser – “Melissa”, The Allman Brothers
Leslie Albizzatti – “Blackbird”, The Beatles
Robbie Reynell – “Bathtub Gin”, Phish
Jake Steel – “All Along the Watch Tower”, Bob Dylan
Matt Cone – “While My Guitar Gently Weeps”, The Beatles
Anna Griffith – “Tripping Over Love”, Anna Griffith
Doug Harnack – “Sweet Thing”, Doug Harnack
The Outtakes – “Satellite”, Guster

Feb 1, 2011

Actor’s Express Theater
King Plow – 887 W. Marietta St., Atlanta, GA 30318

Kelly Felix – “Thank You”, Dido
Spencer Ponsell – “Dream”, Miley Cyrus
Billy Balser – “These Days”, Jackson Browne
Sarah Anne DeFreese – “Hey Stephen”, Taylor Swift
Jason & Leo Wiener – “Shine”, Collective Soul
Dina Berthen – “All the Young Dudes”, Mott the Hoople
Layla Felix – “Keep Holding On”, Avril Lavigne
Olivia Gunthert – “Just the Way You Are”, Bruno Mars
Mike Koriwchak – “Feel Like Making Love”, Bad Company
Greg Block – “I Don’t Blame You”, Greg Block
Robbie Reynell – “Can You Tell Me”, Matt Costa
Timmy Jones – “Cornbread”, Dave Matthews
Blakeley Rogers – “Hide Your Love Away”, The Beatles
Joe Capelouto – “Unfold”, Jason Mraz
Margaret Koriwchak – “Learning To Fly”, Tom Petty
West Collins – “Dancin Days”, Led Zeppelin
Gerard Gunthert – “Brown Sugar”, Rolling Stones

Jan 31, 2011

Actor’s Express Theater
King Plow – 887 W. Marietta St., Atlanta, GA 30318

Ben Rigg – “San Francisco Bay Blues”, Eric Clapton
Margot Fumo, Elsa Stallings – “Ohio”, Crosby, Stills, Nash & Young
Grant Hollosi – “I Feel Fine”, The Beatles
Carisa Urrea – “Sideways”, Citizen Cope
Anna & Caroline Shutley – “You and Your Heart”, Jack Johnson
Johanna Asher – “Going to California”, Led Zeppelin
Ivey Redding – “The Pretty and the Plain”, J.J. Heller
Hannah Nodar – “Here Comes the Sun”, The Beatles
The Chantanas – “Wheels”, Foo Fighters
Charley Hill – “Handshake”, Wilco
Robbie Reynell – “Can You Tell Me”, Matt Costa
Matt Cone – “Ocean”, John Butler Trio
Thomas LaGrange – “Tears in Heaven”, Eric Clapton
Annie Battle – “Beggin For You”, Annie Battle
Judd Felix – “Truckin” Grateful Dead
Anna Griffith – “Rock and Roll Band”, Boston
Doug Harnack – “Stormy Monday”, Allman Brothers

Sep 21, 2010

Actor’s Express Theater
King Plow – 887 W. Marietta St., Atlanta, GA 30318

Mike Koriwchak – “Sweet Baby James”, James Taylor
West Collins – “Losing My Religion”, R.E.M
Ben Rigg – “Peace of Mind”, Boston
Kelly Felix – “I’ll Follow You”, Deathcab for Cutie
Spencer Ponsell – “Beach”, Spencer Ponsell
Margaret Koriwchak – “Bond Bo”, Margaret Koriwchak
Judd Felix – “The Ocean”, Led Zeppelin
Anna Griffith – “Alice in Thunderland”, Anna Griffith
Carisa Urrea – “Tie Your Mother Down”, Queen
Dina Berthen – “Let Me Roll It”, Wings
Thomas LaGrange – “Swamp Music”, Lynyrd Skynyrd
Joe Capelouto – “The Dynamo of Volition”, Jason Mraz

Sep 20, 2010

Actor’s Express Theater
King Plow – 887 W. Marietta St., Atlanta, GA 30318

Hannah Nodar – “Hey Soul Sister”, Train
Layla Felix – “Bring Me to Life”, Evanescence
Matt Cone – “Your Body is a Wonderland”, John Mayer
Margot Fumo – “Flying High”, Margot Fumo
Carley Kleban – “My Dream”, Carley Kleban
Olivia Gunthert – “Viva La Vida”, Coldplay
The Chantanas – “Elizabeth Reed”, Allman Brothers
Ivey Redding – “Daylight”, Alison Krauss
Doug Harnack – “There’ll be Some Changes Made”, Chet Atkins
Timmy Jones – “Summer Snow Daze”, Timmy Jones
Annie Battle – “Was I Wrong”, Annie Battle
Austin O’Dell – “Open Road”, Slightly Stoopid

Feb 2, 2010

Actor’s Express Theater
King Plow – 887 W. Marietta St., Atlanta, GA 30318

Margaret Koriwchak – “You Belong to Me”, Taylor Swift
Ben Rigg – “Signe”, Eric Clapton
Carley Kleban – “Love Inside”, Carley Kleban
Hannah Nodar – “How to Save a Life”, The Fray
Judd Felix
Ben Rigg – “Seek and Destroy”, Metallica
The Chantana’s (Natalie, Jacqueline, Olivia) – “I’m Yours”, Jason Mraz
Spencer Ponsell, Olivia Gunthert – “Don’t Stop Believing”, Journey
Crosby Matthews – “21 Guns”, Green Day
Mike Koriwchak – “Into the Great Wide Open”, Tom Petty
Daniel Burkhead – “I Want You to Want Me”, Cheap Trick
Carisa Urrea, Anna Griffith – “Clocks”, Cold Play
Kelly Felix – “Almost Heaven”, The Cure
Sarah Capelouto – “”, Neil Young
Tom McGuire – “How Far Will You Go”, Tom McGuire
Charley Hill – “Afterglow 61”, Son Volt
The Random Moments (Blakeley, Carisa, Carley, Jacqueline, Natalie, Olivia) – “Preoccupied Maniacs”, TRM
Thomas Lagrange – “Medley”, Various Artist

Feb 1, 2010

Actor’s Express Theater
King Plow – 887 W. Marietta St., Atlanta, GA 30318

Joseph Lipsey – “American Pie”, Don McLean
Austin O’Dell – “Taylor”, Jack Johnson
Juliana Dinkle & Elsa Stallings – “Second Chance”, Shinedown
Ivey Redding – “When You Say Nothing at All”, Alison Krauss
McCall Edwards – “The Jam”, McCall Edwards
Carol Anne Block – “Crazier”, Taylor Swift
Dina Berthen – “Mrs. Vanderbilt”, Paul McCartney
Headless Barbie Rasta’s
Matt, Luke, Austin, Dillon – “Rise”, Headless Barbie Rasta’s
Jason & Leo Wiener – “Last Dance with Mary Jane”, Tom Petty
Annie Battle – “When I’m With You”, Annie Battle
Greg Block – “Father’s Day”, Greg Block
Melanie Stallings – “Jet Airliner”, Steve Miller Band
Matt Cone – “Crash Into Me”, Dave Matthews
Hannah Onley – “Missing You”, Hannah Onley
Jason Wiener – “La Grange”, ZZ Top
Doug Harnack – “What If”, Doug Harnack
Jon Shingler – “Disappointing Truths”, Jon Shingler

May 8, 2009

Brooke Run Theater
Dunwoody, GA

Lauren & Jack Henderson – “Stand”, R.E.M.
Carole Anne Block – “Stay Beautiful”, Taylor Swift
Emily & Brian Smith – “Love Story”, Taylor Swift
Johanna Asher – “One of these Nights”, The Eagles
Annie Battle – “You Belong to Me”, Taylor Swift
Ivey Redding – “This One’s for the Girls”, Martina McBride
The Chantanas – “You’re an Original”, Sheryl Crow
Blakeley Rogers – “867-5309 (Jenny)”, Tommy Tutone
McCall, Matt & Dillon – “Sunshine For Your Love”, Cream
Carisa Urrea – “I Want You to Want Me”, Cheap Trick
The Flaming Cheese Fries – “Crazy Train”, Ozzy Osbourne
Hannah Nodar & Anna Griffith – “Ventura Highway”, America
Niles Berthen – “Alabama”, Neil Young
Matt Cone – “The Rain Song”, Led Zeppelin
Elsa Stallings – “Nobody’s Home”, Avril Lavigne
Greg Block – “Here Comes A Regular”, The Replacements
Melanie Stallings – “Before He Cheats”, Carrie Underwood
Jason Wiener – “Snow (Hey Oh)”, Red Hot Chili Peppers
Dina Berthen – “Rhiannon”, Fleetwood Mac
Jon & Bob Shingler – “Low”, Cracker
Kelly Felix – “The Luckiest”, Ben Folds
Joe Capelouto – “Crazy On You”, Heart
Jeff Handler – “Smooth”, Santana
Meredith Mohr – “Limelight”, Rush
Joe Mohr – “Just What I needed”, The Cars
Austin Odell & Daniel Burkhead – “The River”, Good Charlotte
Billy Balser – “Down by the River”, Neil Young
Jon Shingler – “Voodoo Chile”, Jimi Hendrix
Sarah Capelouto – “Mustang Sally”, Wilson Pickett

January 10, 2009

Brooke Run Theater
Dunwoody, GA

Jon & Bob Shingler – Filter, “Take a Picture”
Jamey O’Shaughnessey – GreenDay, “Wake Me Up When September Ends”
Jeff Handler – The Beatles, “I Want You”
Niles & Chloe – John Lennon, “Imagine”
Jason Wiener – The Who, “Pinball Wizard”
Kelly Felix – Amiee Mann, “The Fair”
Ivey Redding – Colbie Caillat, “Realize”
Jack & Lauren Henderson – Tom Petty, “Free Falling”
Hannah & Anna – Taylor Swift, “Our Song”
Brad Thomas – Johnny Cash, “Walk the Line”
Sarah Capelouto – The Allman Brothers, “Little Martha”
Matt, Nigel & Dillon – Led Zeppelin, “Stairway to Heaven”
Meredith Mohr – Rush, “Limelight”
Carisa Urrea – Jimmy Eat World, “The Middle”
Joe Capelouto – Stone Temple Pilots, “Tripping”
Charley Hill – Radio Head, “Go to Sleep”
Melanie Stallings – REO Speedwagon, “Heard It From A Friend”
Emily & Brian Smith – Carrie Underwood, “Just A Dream””
Dina Berthen – Fleetwood Mac, “Rhiannon”
The Chantana’s – Sheryl Crow, “Out of Our Heads”
Blakely Rogers – Goo Goo Dolls, “Slide”
Billy Balser – Neil Young, “Ohio”
Joe Mohr – The Cars, “Just What I Needed”
Ben Rigg – Iron Maiden, “The Trooper”
Daniel & Austin – Avenged Sevenfold, “Bat Country”
Britney Spears – Britney Spears, “Hit Me Baby”
Heidi Pollyea – BB King, “Rock Me Baby”
Niles Berthen – The Allman Brothers, “Not My Cross to Bear”
Sarah Capelouto – Eric Clapton, “Stormy Monday.”
Charley Hill – The Rolling Stones, “Midnight Rambler

February 24, 2008

Brooke Run Theater
Dunwoody, GA

Jacob Read – The Beatles, “Yellow Submarine”
Hannah & Anna – Hannah & Anna, “Banana Pudding”
Kelly Felix – The Beatles, “The Ballad of John & Yoko”
Blakeley Rogers – Sheryl Crow, “If It Makes You Happy”
Natalie, Jacqueline & Olivia – REM, “Driver 8”
Arianna Johnson – Avril Lavigne, “Complicated”
John & Taylor Lewis – Jewel, “Save Your Soul”
Charley Hill – REM, “Rockville”
Nin Ten Girls – Elsa & Megan – Avril Lavigne, “Happy Ending”
Grace & Annie – Carrie Underwood, “Jesus Take The Wheel”
Judd Felix – Foreigner, “Juke Box Hero”
Meredith Mohr – Jonas Brothers, “S.O.S”
Mitchell Bassett – Guns N’ Roses, “Sweet Child O Mine”
Matt & Dillon – Boston, “More Than A Feeling”
Joe Mohr – The Eagles, “Hotel California”
Robbie Reynell – CKY, “96 Bitter Beings”
Joe Capelouto – Yes, “Roundabout”
Juan Ramirez – Juan Ramirez, “”
Becca Loebe – Becca Loebe, “Redneck Karaoke Bar”
Brian Robinson – Brian Robinson, “”
Niles Berthen – ELP, “From The Beginning”
Marlon Starr – Allman Brothers, “Melissa”
Carisa Urrea – Pink Floyd, “Wish You Were Here”
Jeff & Jon – Foo Fighters, “Times Like These”
Jarrett Arkin – Eric Hutchinson, “Rock-n-Roll”
Sarah Capelouto – Allman Brothers, “Jessica”
Heidi Pollyea – Bonnie Raitt, “Love Me Like A Man”
Jon & Bob Shingler – Matchbox 20, “3 A.M.”
Dina Berthen – Supertramp, “Give A Little Bit”
Oliver Paprin – Eddie Vedder, “Hard Sun”
Doug Harnack – Mark Knopfler, “Shangri La”

March 16, 2007

Relapse Theater
380 14th Street NW, Atlanta, GA 30318

Kelly & Elsa – America, “Horse With No Name”
Daniel Mohr – Johnny Cash, “Ring of Fire”
Daniel Griffin – The Beatles, “Hey Bulldog”
Carisa Urrea – John Mayer, “Daughters”
Tony & Chandler Johnson – Kenny Chesney, “The Good Stuff”
Joe Capelouto – Styx, “Sweet Madam Blue”
Burke & Dillon – Tom Petty, “Running Down A Dream”
Grace Hill & Annie Battle – Sheryl Crow, “First Cut Is the Deepest”
Scott Schneider – Keith Urban, “These Are The Days”
Joe Mohr – Nickelback, “Photograph”
Priscilla Ferrer – Jack Johnson, “Upside Down”
Jon Shingler – Eve 6, “Inside Out”
Eli Mazursky – Eli Mazursky, “Love Shine”
Melanie Stallings – Linda Rondstadt, “When Will I Be Loved”
Tyler Duncan – Led Zeppelin, “Misty Mountain Hop”
Mitchell Bassett – Lynyrd Skynyrd, “Give Me Three Steps”
Patrick Palughi – Tom Petty, “Last Dance With MaryJane”
Lara Straub – Sheryl Crow, “Maybe Angels”
Dina Berthen – Allman Brothers, “In Memory of Elizabeth Reed”
Nick Dowd – Owen Temple, “Dry Creek”
Natalie & Olivia – KT Tunstall, “Black Horse & The Cherry Tree”
William Randall – AC/DC, “Rock-n-Roll Ain’t Noise Pollution”
Sarah Capelouto – Led Zeppelin, “Black Dog”
Charlie Hill – The Who, “Won’t Get Fooled Again”
Blakely Rogers – The Beatles, “While My Guitar Gently Weeps”
Jarrett Arkin – Led Zeppelin, “Over the Hills and Far Away”
Robin Puppa – Pearl Jam, “Better Man”
Sara Shanahan – David Bowie, “Rock-n-Roll Suicide”
Robby Letzler – Rufus Wainwright, “Cigarettes & Chocolate Milk”
Heidi Pollyea – Craig Morgan, “Little Bit Of Life”
Richard Nailling – Lou Reed, “Sweet Jane”

May 21, 2006

Relapse Theater
380 14th Street NW, Atlanta, GA 30318

Chuck Newton – James Blunt, “You’re Beautiful”
Nick Dowd – James Taylor, “Sweet Baby James”
Grace Hill & Annie Battle – Sheryl Crow, “Soak Up The Sun”
Tim Rayburn – Eric Clapton, “Bell Bottom Blues”
Walker Thomas – Good Riddance, “Green Day”
Alexandra, Natalie & Olivia – Wild Nights, “Van Morrison”
Heidi Pollyea – Pure Prairie League, “Aimee”
Burke & Dillon – Lynyrd Skynyrd, “Sweet Home Alabama”
Eli Mazursky – Neil Young, “Down By The River”
Tony & Chandler Johnson – Travis Tritt, “Closer Walk With Thee”
John Cooke – John Prine, “Big Old Goofy World”
Robin Puppa – Eagles, “Peaceful Easy Feeling”
Tripp Conrad & Matt Hill – Bad Company, “Shooting Star”
Robby Dore – Led Zeppelin, “Black Dog”
Dina Berthen – Dina Berthen, “Angel”
Robby Letzler – Leonard Cohen, “Hallelujah”
Jarrett Arkin – John Mayer, “Love Song For No One”
Sara Shanahan – The Who, “Behind Blue Eyes”
Charlie Hill – REM, “Gardening At Night”
Daniel Griffin & Cole Johnson – Tom Petty, “Yer So Bad”
Carisa Urrea – Eagles, “Hotel California”
Lara Straub – Art Of The Jam – Part I
Ryan Johnson – Allman Brothers, “Not My Cross To Bear”
Richard Nailling – Steely Dan, “Reeling In The Years”
Kelly Stroup – Art Of The Jam – Part II