Meet the Crew

Eric Stallings, Owner

Eric Stallings
Eric is an Atlanta native and has been playing guitar for over 40 years. He has had the opportunity to play with industry names like Cindy Wilson from the B52s, Sheryl Crow’s guitar player, Peter Stroud, Jeff Carlisi, and Rod Stewart’s guitar player, Jeff Golub.

He grew up listening to Bach and Beethoven in the background of his early childhood, greatly influenced by his mother who was a classically trained pianist. He was playing notes on a grand piano by the time he was five years of age and playing guitar since age ten.

Music as a career started appealing to Eric when he heard Rock & Roll by the Beatles for the first time in 1967 over the speakers on a Friday night at the bowling alley. He couldn’t believe the power behind this new sound and loved the way it made him feel. Stallings has been chasing that sound his entire life and decided that was his destiny; to create that sound.

Eric is married to Melanie Stallings and the couple has four beautiful children. When he is not in the studio, Eric enjoys sailing, mountain biking, and reading journals to keep up-to-date on industry technologies.

Eric’s goal for The Groove Studio is to facilitate the process of the music experience that each client wants. His desire is to make the artists’ dream of pursuing their musical ambitions come true by creating a comfortable and positive environment.

Finally and above all, Eric through The Groove Studio prides himself on creating a sense of community and collaboration amongst musicians.

The Crew

Melanie Stallings

Melanie Stallings

Chief Geek, Vice President of Moral Support

Melanie has the all-important task of keeping the studio equipment in tip-top shape and business-side of the studio running like a well-oiled machine.
Specializations: Billing/Accounting, Website, Studio technical support, Other nerdy stuff


Sydney Liberman

Intern and Unicorn Overlord

Sydney is working on our team as an intern and helps out around the studio wherever needed.
Specializations: Audio engineering, Microphone/Equipment configuration, K-Cup Barista, Unicorn herding

Courtenay Collins

Courtenay Collins

Director of Harmonization

Courtenay teaches voice lessons to local area students and on occasion helps us in the studio recording background vocals.
Specializations: Background Vocals, Voice Coaching/Consulting

Hannah Zale

Hannah Zale

Social Media Queen

When she isn’t rocking it out on stage, Hannah manages all of our marketing and social media interaction on Twitter, Facebook, etc.
Specializations: Vocal, Guitar, Marketing, Advertising, Social Media

Christopher Cannon

Christopher Cannon

Super Genius / Master of All Things Keyboard

Christopher’s unique set of skills come in handy around the studio. Not only is he musically talented, but he is also technically savvy and knows his way around ProTools.
Specializations: Sound Engineering, Piano and Keyboard Accompaniment, Vocal Instruction