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What to expect

The professional studio recording process…

Understanding the recording process is very helping in creating your desired finished product. We’ve divided the process into 5 distinctly different phases. The level of success you experience will depend on how fully each phase is executed. At The Groove Studio, our goal is to facilitate this process and help you capture the music that’s so important to you. Your music.


This is a very critical part and an often overlooked aspect of the project. It is here that many important questions are asked and decisions made.

  • What is the purpose of the recording (i.e., demo, college audition, song for download sales, just for fun, gift, etc.)?
  • What’s the style of the music?
  • Who will be playing the instruments and recording the vocals?
  • How many songs will be recorded?
  • What is the budget and is there an established deadline?

Answers to these questions and others will help us with the initial studio and session set up. Preparation is the key to creating an environment that will foster creativity and performance. Pre-Production sets the tone for the entire project.

At the Studio…

Step 1: Recording / Tracking

This is when the actual recording happens. All of the decisions in pre-production have been answered, the proper mics have been placed, the DAW (Digital Audio Workstation) session configured, the initial gain levels have been set and the red light comes on. This is when the magic happens. It’s your time to shine. Our aim is to capture the best recording and the best performance when it happens. If we’ve done our work in pre-pro, then the odds are we’ll record a great performance sooner than later. Capturing a great recording will carry us forward into the next phase of the process, Editing.

Step 2: Editing

Once everything is recorded (tracked), editing most often will be done in order to help enhance the tracks and getting them ready for mixing. It is here that we’ll tackle timing issues, cut and paste audio files, remove clicks and pops and other unwanted noises. During this phase we’ll also overdub additional instruments and vocal tracks if needed. Sometimes an entirely new take can be laid down or if a musician has made a minor mistake, a new section can be “punched in” to correct the performance. Editing is a skill and an art and requires a fair amount of patience to boot.

Step 3: Mixing

During the mixing process we’ll take the edited multitrack recordings and combine them into a 2-channel stereo track. During this process gain levels are adjusted, effects such as reverb and delay are added, compression can be applied and EQ levels are often manipulated. The mix phase is where it all comes together and in the end it should sound exactly right. The ultimate goal is to produce a mix that is appealing to the listener.

Step 4: Mastering

Mastering is the final stage of the recording process. It can be done in-house or sent to another studio that specializes in mastering to perform the final touches.. Either way, it is often recommended that a “fresh set of ears” be employed to complete this important fine-tuning phase. The mastering engineer will insure that all of the levels between songs are compatible as well as tighten the dynamic balance band frequencies.

Have questions about recording?
Give us a call (404-626-1133) or drop us a note. We’re here to help!



Studio Rate (Per Hour)

$80 / hour

Standard studio rate includes:

  • Full use of facilities and equipment for all recording, tracking, over-dubbing
  • Basic audio mixing services and use of a professional sound engineer
  • Production cost such as producing, composing and songwriting are also included.
Prepaid Discount

10 hours = $640     20% Discount!

How it works:

  • Minimum of 10 hours required.
  • Hours do not have to be used all at once.
  • 10-hour blocks must be used with 2 months of purchase date.
  • We cannot refund the purchase of a 10-hour block once any of the hours have been used.

Other Services

Mastering services are also available for $150 per hour with a three (3) hour minimum.


We accept cash, check and major credit cards.

Payment Terms and Conditions
  • 50% deposit is required at time of booking.
  • 48 hours notice of cancellation must be provided in order to reschedule without forfeiting time.
  • All services are payable when rendered.
  • No audio masters, drives or data can be released without payment in full.
  • Exports and file conversions may be billed at regular studio hourly rates.
  • Studio and session setup time is included in billing.