Teen Summer Workshops

Recording 101 – Recording Workshop for Beginners

Learn the basics of recording in our new state of the art recording studio. Students will have the opportunity to record, track, editing and mix a song from beginning to end in this unique one week workshop. Each student will have a chance to work at the console while working with artist recording in the live room and vocal booth. We’ll tackle everyday challenges like mic selection and placement, signal routing and equalization. This is a great program for any teen interested in music and the recording process.

The studio uses Pro Tools 10 DAW interfaced with a Ghost 24 channel analogue mixing board by Soundcraft.

No experience necessary.

Space limited to five (5) students per workshop.

Guitar Workshops

The Groove Studio’s Guitar Workshop is designed specifically to help guitar players significantly and quickly improve their skills on the guitar. Each attendee will have a chance to develop a better understanding of basic music theory concepts and then will have the opportunity to translate that knowledge into improving their skill and technique on the guitar. By working in in a small group under Eric’s direction each student will reap the benefits of learning how to collaborate with other musicians.

Some experience required.

Space limited to five (5) students per workshop.

Custom Workshops

The Groove Studio’s Custom Workshop allows you to design your own workshop. You may choose to focus on recording, song writing or producing your own music in our state-of-the-art facility. This is a great option for bands.

2018 Schedule

June 11 – June 15
Guitar Workshop

This workshop will focus on mastering some of the iconic riffs of the 70’s and 80’s. By putting all of our attention on rocks most important and recognizable tunes we can guarantee a week of high energy and fun. Expect to learn riffs by Eddie Van Halen, Joe Perry of Aerosmith, AC/DC’s Angus Young and Zeppelin’s Jimmy Page to name a few.

Cost: $495

June 18 – June 22
Guitar Workshop

This workshop is meant to help the guitarist become more fluid with their ability to strum the guitar. It often takes years to master the ability to strum a guitar effortlessly. This workshop aims is to expedite the process. We’ll use tunes by the Eagles, Fleetwood Mac, The Who, Crosby Stills and Nash, America and others to provide a platform for developing and mastering the art of strumming.

Cost: $495

July 16 – July 20
July 23 – July 27
Guitar Workshop

Cost: $495

July 30 – Aug 3

Teen Summer Workshop Registration

Our Teen Summer Workshop registration is now open! Please remember that all workshop dates have LIMITED availability.