The Studio

Over the river and through the woods…

Photo of Heards Creek which runs through the historic property

The Groove Studio is cocooned on historical property from the Civil War. Heards Creek runs through the entire estate and on either side you can enjoy peaceful woods and a native rock wall that facilitates a natural resonance and echo. Through the studio window, you can see a Japanese maple, and roses, as well as deer, coyote, herring, and owls. There is a garden with waterfalls at the back of the property that lends itself to safe haven for inspiration and rejuvenation during the long and sometimes tedious recording process.

The Groove Studio has been open since 2006, when Eric decided to add recording and producing to his already booming guitar studio business. This top-of-the-line facility was built by Jeff Montgomery’s Audio Development Group, whose other studio clients include Akon, Young Jeezy, and 2 Chains.DSC_2754

The inside of the studio features a Soundcraft Ghost LE; a professional 8-bus board with a 24 channel mixing console for optimal multi-track recording. The studio employs Avid ProTools 10, the most current DAW software for composing, recording, editing, and mixing high-quality music. The live room features Vintage JBL 4311 monitors, perfect for the playback you want.

The walls and floors have been expertly designed in lush, functional materials for the specific space in order to lend itself to the best reverberation and acoustics possible and to give artists a high-end, celebrity experience.

The Groove Studio also features the BEST listening room in Sandy Springs! Come listen to your original music through our Adam A7X monitors that will make your music come to life.

The Groove Studio has experience recording and producing demos, EPs, LPs, audition tracks, and scholarship tracks.

The studio also records unique Audio Keepsakes, which capture your loved ones voice in a setting that will help trigger a remembrance of forgotten memories or moments. Eric says, “There is something about the purity of a voice through a professional microphone that makes the recording feel like your loved one is whispering in your ear.”

Eric also employs the casual yet extremely beneficial technique of spur of the moment recordings to help facilitate teaching and artistry.

To the staff of The Groove Studio, music is refuge from the world, yet also the ultimate feeling of being found.